The Mövenpick Hotel Mansour Eddahbi & Palais des Congrès Marrakech

Avenue Mohammed VI, Hivernage | 40000 Marrakech | Morocco

Mövenpick Hotel Mansour Eddahbi is a newly refurbished 5-star hotel with direct access to the largest meetings and events venue in Morocco, the Palais dès Congres Marrakech. The hotel is offering its guests comfort in more than 500 rooms. Imagine the hotel as an oasis in the heart of Marrakech. Both water and vegetation are the two omnipresent elements. The idea of an oasis is connected to the history of Mansour Eddahbi, the famous Sultan who was the author of Marrakech development and revolution during the 16th century. Every area and every restaurant of the Oasis is there to remind you of the story of the Sultan through his passions and his travels. Walk through the Promenade to the heart of the Oasis. Cages with porcelain birds, fountains and greenery adorn the entrance. Water fountains gush from the walls to bring freshness. 1001 candles by the majestic copper gate represent a reference and metaphor to the Moussafir’s entrance to the Oasis.

About the Venue

Soleiman Palace

Boulevard 11 Janvier, Kaa el Machraa | 40000 Marrakech | Morocco

A sultan’s palace will be our meeting and mingling point on the eve of Creditinfo Global Forum, so we all get to know each other before two days of intensive sharing, discussing, innovating and inspiring. You will have the opportunity to discover traditional Moroccan cuisine, share a high-class Moroccan dinner experience and enjoy traditional Moroccan tunes. Don’t forget your business cards, you will get to know everybody.

Dress code: cocktail

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Beldi Country Club

KM6 route du Barrage | 40000 Marrakech | Morocco

Warm Moroccan evenings are beautiful at this time of the year, so we will make sure you bring home as many good impressions as possible not only from the conference agenda. The Beldi Country Club will overwhelm us with rose garden perfumes, offering us an authentic and beautiful garden experience, with subtle sounds of Moroccan instruments and a selection of delicious meals. We could share conference impressions in open-air and indoors, enjoying the evening mood in a stunning rihad, greenhouse and mansion – all at our leisure.

Dress code: cocktail

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Ieva Bieliunaite

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